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Kindergarten - Contract Cancellation Problem (Vienna)

I was wondering if other people have had the same problem we are having with our former kindergarten (Donauhof, Obere Donaustrasse 79, 2. Bezirk). We signed a contract with them in September Protected content we first arrived in Vienna for (admittedly without paying too much attention to the details, unfortunately). In July Protected content got a place in a different kindergarten that we had been waiting and hoping to get our son into. At that time, we notified the first kindergarten of our intention to cancel the contract. They then informed us that it was not possible as the period to cancel had passed on 31 May and that we were obligated for the next year.

Now they are seeking payment from us, not only in the amount that we paid each month (EUR Protected content also for the monthly subsidy from Stadt Wien (EUR Protected content . This is despite the fact that they were able to immediately fill the vacancy (as with most kindergartens in Vienna, there is always a waiting list to get in). I know that's what the contract says, but this seems abusive to me.

Other similar experiences? Advice?


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