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Looking for tango partner (Vienna)

Hello there,

I am looking for an argentine tango partner. Somebody with my level or not far behind or ahead. The idea would simply be to go to Milongas together and dance the evening away. We could also dance with others occasionally, (as is often the custom in milongas) but we would dance most of the time together, which would allow both of us to make the best of our time at the milonga, to improve together!
If you are more advanced than me, just give me a couple of evenings out, continually dancing, and I will catch up. I just need to start dancing and the fluidity follows naturally! I understand this dance, what it's about, and love it so very much. If you're also like this, then we will make a great dance couple!

My level is hard to say, but I would guess I am (a fast learning) intermediate. I can follow with ease but would very much like to perfect. Over the past ten years, I've had a handful of beginners lessons, and one intermediate lesson. The rest (most of of my ability) comes just from practicing at milongas!

Looking forward to hearing from the tango dancers of Vienna (we might even already know each other, if only by face, from the milonga scene) :)


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