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Looking for welding/steelworker jobs in Vienna

I´ve got a diploma as an International Welder in MIG/MAG. Since the educations are a little different between different countries, I have the theorethical knowledge of an International Welding Specialist but lack the years of practical experience (I´ve got one year). I basically know all the four big welding methods of steel, and prefer MIG/MAG, WIG and MMA in that order. Gaswelding... is something I rather leave to someone else.

Besides the above, I´ve got much experience of the labourmarket in general, and have experiece in the general handling/shaping of steel with different machines.

I am already searching out the bigger companys, like Wiener Linien, Wiener Stadt, Siemens, ÖBB and Böhler, but would highly apprecciate tips on smaller companies.

Best regards,


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