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My open email reply to Vienna Babies Club

If you're thinking about getting connected to VBC for your business, don't.

Dear VBC,
Thank you for your email, however, I did not send this email asking to promote our business at your flea market. I do remember someone among my staff mentioning about your flea market and that she saw an American chain company Gymboree is doing it. But since you triggered what I have been wanting to say for a while, let me just vent as a business woman who is also an expatriate, a widow, no children because I work and dedicate my LIFE working with young children and families.

I actually said to my staff you might reject that idea for this reason: Favoritism.

Your organization is twisted and unfair.
There you were asking us to borrow a piano and that if we could play christmas music which we did for 2 consecutive years. There you were asking other small business people and companies through Facebook to donate some goods for your raffle tickets for your christmas parties. There you were asking us that we let your members use our premises for meetings a few times which I paid for my staff to be there to take care of anything you need. There you were asking me to donate vouchers for trial lessons but strangely, you make it sound as if we are the ones begging to distribute our valuable classes.

That’s really okay if we don’t engage in any arrangements with you and NO THANK YOU to your Facebook promo offer. We can do that ourselves.
But please try to treat people and businesses fairly and without condescending tone.
I don’t think it is right for your organisation to ask other businesses to contribute their valuable goods and services to make your members happy yet you minimize your support for them in exchange while you let your personal friends spread and promote their businesses exactly in the events you specifically say to us ‘No’.

My last thought, this club should be renamed to Vienna Mothers and Friends Club-VMFC since you don’t let outsiders like myself in.

Have a nice day,

--Isabella Tabibian Cho
CEM- Chief Executive Munchkin and Founder

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