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questions about tenant protection (area of flat) (Vienna)

hi there

Someone told me there is an association (whose name i forgot..and you've got to pay) that provides you with information regarding your rights as a tenant (vermieter). I had two precise questions: what is the law regarding the calculation of area of flat in a dachgeschoss (i got the surface area from my owner on paper but to me it doesn't correspond at all , there are schrägen and in france the law stipulates that is considered as 'livable area what is under 1,80m: meaning you can stand up or put a wardrobe).In that case if the surface area on the vertragsmiete is not the good one, can i do something about it..lower the rent??

Question 2: i spent my first year in my new flat and guess what , of course it gets extremely hot and there are no blinders (velum), you would need to install sonnenschütz outside because it is unbearable but these are super expensive (i know in Vienna there are usually no protect from the cold or heat..) so , do I have to pay for them or is this part of the living conditions of the flat??

Thanks a lot for your time and help, valerie

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