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School Children that do not speak German (Vienna)



I have just started in Vienna and my Kids (8 and Protected content start School in September. They do not speak any German and I read in some official document of the City that such children are provided additional language lessons at school however i do not know anybody that confirms it and none of the addresses provided in the document replies.
Do you know a way I could best support my children in language learning? or is there any system or any educational Institution I should approach? Another question is about Gymnasiums vs. Mittle schule - None of the Gymnasiums accepted my son because he does not speak German (some of them did not even want to make an appointment) although he is a very good pupil. So He will go to private Neue Mittleschule. Is it hard to switch after one or two years to Gymnasium?
I spent 2 months talking and calling and writing dosens of emails to all possible addresses I found in Internet and i feel the City is not prepared for foreigners:-( which I know sounds strange. I will be grateful for any helpful hand.

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