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Some questions about Expatriate. (Vienna)


Dear All,

I am hereby sending you a couple of questions which would be helpful for our project. Thank you for taking the time, we greatly appreciate it.

As we know it can take some time to fill out all questions, it would also be helpful if you write a quick paragraph of the most important details about your transfer and what role the HR department played and then maybe answer a few questions which you think apply best/would give us the most valuable insight.

Thank you so much!!

Those are the questions:
1.Can you do an introduction of yourself? (name, age, where you come from, where you are working now, what company you work for and what position you have)
2.How long have you been working abroad as an expatriate?
3. What was the main incentive for you to go work in Austria?
4.What are the main differences between your home country and host country (professional or personal)?
5.What are some of the challenges you faced when started working abroad?
6.Given the expectation you had of working here, is your experience meeting your expectations?
7.How do you cope with times when you feel homesick?
8.Working abroad can boost ones career. Do you have any hope/expectations of this furthering your career in a specific way?
9.It can be difficult to build a new network and social life. What were your strategies and ways of meeting new people? Have you met people outside of work?
10.What kind of support did you get when you went abroad? How did your family and friends from home feel about your decision?
11.In what ways is your employer compensating you for working abroad? Do get to fly home on a regular/irregular basis? How is your housing, doctor, children schooling situation handled?
12. What could have made your arrival easier? Anything the company could have done? Were you prepared for the culture (work and general)? Language courses? Anything else that comes to mind?
13.What are the key takeaways from your experience as an expatriate?

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