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Spontaneity (Vienna)

Spontaneity, to be spontaneous….I am (so) having a problem this with this lately in Vienna?
Spontaneity has vanished from our lives, perhaps this is huge generalization on my part because I am quite possibly having a rather big dilemma. Anyone feeling the same way, or am I just going mad as of late, would be the first time.
What is your take on the social mediums, the participants and the spontaneity with which we live/celebrate our social existence every day in Vienna? How much of it is planned to the ‘T’ and how much of it do we actually decide from one minute to the next this is what I will do/happen…spontaneously. When we do get together within the various business/social platforms do we actually connect or is it too superficial at times. Do we still stay in our little groups mostly, gravitate towards the people we think are in our social sphere or do we take a chance. I have to say I am guilty of more than a few of these masked pretentious habits, not for reasons that are cattivi or pre-conceived.
My best friend in NYC advised me to be still and the feeling will past, however I know for sure next week/month it will be back, so, let talk …..

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