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Swiiming training (Vienna)


Hello Friends

I had had many times the same question: Can you teach me how to swim, can you help me improve my swimming skills?

I am a professional swimmer and I started doing triathlons so everyone that had problems with swimming ask me for help.

To make the story short I learned to love teaching and correcting swimming, and my friends improve greatly and they insisted that I should do it for more people, so here I am.

I don't really do it for the money but I can't say I'll do it for free.

Anyway if you are interested let me know. Depending on your mistakes it can take between 6 months to correct you or just a few weeks.

The best is when people think they will never really go with the flow like a fish and afterwards they really do it. I had the idea that swimming was easy until I started teaching others and then I realize that it was basically easy for me because I have swam forever.

Well that's all. I'm not great in advertising. Hopefully some of you will find this helpful.



......guys I'm not albatros member so I can't send many messages and last month I had some people writing me and I couldn't answer so I am very sorry for that. My mail is Protected content and ,my cellphone is Protected content case you want to contact me,...looking foward to help you learn.

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