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Those Magistrat People ! (Vienna)

Well, where should I start.

Had a meeting a couple of months ago in the 4th district, so i drive there by car and like a good citizen, fill in a "Parkschein" for 1 hour.
For some unexpected reason, the meeting took almost 70 min. I return to my car afterwards, sure, I find a ticket already awaiting me. hmmm , what a jerk.

Anyway, I paid the ticket of 21€ just to have my rest of mind and not getting into all those bureaucratic procedures. I guess this should have solved the issue by now.

2 months passed and I get a registered letter "RSA" from the Magistrat 67 with another ticket inside for 14€. Now the question is, what the heck is that for?
So after reading, I realize that it is related to the previous parking ticket, but now they are accusing me that I "cheated" with the time on the "Parkschein".

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or heard. I know I am probably going to pay them again to get it over with the headache from those incompetent thieves.

Did any of you experience such or similar events?

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