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Toilets and Austrians (Vienna)

Hi All,

I wonder if you have experienced something similar with public toilets in

I can't decide whether I shall laugh on this or not but sometimes really it gets on my nerves since it happens almost all the time!!

So one goes to toilet at work or in shopping malls, anywhere...and I realized something strange habit the austrians might have. I thought first it is something individual cases but when I see that it is happening all the time and anywhere then I tend to think it is a kind of a habit here. I can talk only about the lady's you go in and lock the door therefore the door sign turns red on the outside theoretically to tell others that this toilet is occupied. But no, people don't seem to get the idea of "red" they want to come in nevertheless. Without any knocking of course, and when they see it is not opening they try even harder sometimes I think they wanna break the door on me.....also why they have to jump to that door like the police commando...there is no gentler way of opening that door??

And that the persons concerned are women it makes me wonder extra how rude and impolite is this from them....if they don't believe to the red sign of the toilet they could still knock first if they wanna double check if there is anybody in..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Never experienced this in any other are welcomed to share your thoughts on this matter:D

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