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Too good to be true? (Vienna)

Quite possibly. But it did get your attention, right?

Long and short, moving to Vienna for the best part of three years as of the 13th April. Being the young, vibrant and independent person I am I would, ideally, like to find myself a job in a field I'm good in. Pretty much expandable in terms of field of trade - media/advertising/banking/public sector. Background in communications management, pr, project management, event management and client relationship management.

Networking, thinking outside the box and bringing in new business is what I am good at. Maintaining relationships and indulging key stakeholders? Tick. Venue searching, press release writing, social media apt? Tick, tick, tick.

Some of the more appropriate skills are below:

• Project Management
• Event Management
• Venue Search
• Web Development & Management
• Relationship and Stakeholder Management
• Team Building, delegate & management
• Budget Preparation/Administration
• Social Media /Monitoring Media Coverage
• Pitch Management

So, like most people within this forum - any offer/companies recruiting/details to pass on or get in touch with would be hugely helpful! I will happily send on my cv via email if necessary, too.

Thanks everyone!

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