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I live in Australia and my wife and I are planning to move to Austria in July/August with our 6yr old daughter. We are all EU citizens but we don't have jobs to go to. The move will be self funded. I had heart surgery 4yrs ago in Australia but I'm in good health now. I believe in Austria that we would need to pay our own national health contributions until one of us starts working. How much does this equate to and if either my wife or I start working, does it cover the whole family?

How does the public and private healthcare differ in Austria? Do most people have private healthcare and is it necessary for any complex medical issues? I see that there are a number of private hospitals in Austria but are these for general or basic surgery only, not highly specialised/complicated surgery? I understand generally that Austrian healthcare is of a high standard, but I didn't know whether it's all free or if there is a big divide between public and private health? In Australia there is a big difference. The public system is good and a lot of specialists work both public and private. If you're dying, then you'll be seen quickly. If not, then you're in a waiting list which can be quite long. That's where your private healthcare comes in. 99% of surgery in Australia you can have privately that you can publicly. Is it the same in Austria?

Is there any way to know/find out if the surgery that I had is well understood in Vienna heart hospitals and is regularly performed. Has anyone tried to contact a hospital before they arrived to provide their medical history and get advice? I honestly don't think that would work but I'm just asking. Do most specialists speak English and do they in hospitals as well? In A&E do they speak English, ambulance officers, police officers, doctors, pharmacists etc. Do you have to search for English speaking professionals doctors, accountants etc.

Cheers Tom

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