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Wanna get Euro 5.000 per deal? (Vienna)

Why work for a hourly fee of about 60 Euro, if you can get 5.000 per deal?

Easy as Protected content

1. Bring us a Contact who is interested to what we offer (see below)
2. We bargain for you towards the contract with the target.
3. We close the deal (if possible) and give you the comission after

One of the companies I´m involved in is offering franchise opportunites for premium pet supply (including products people nowhere else get, best quality as well as well known brands as additional offers). Great conditions for the new franchise store owner (he can become the boss of the store and has area protection, there will be no revenue participation so he dont need to share his earnings with the franchise offering comany, as most other franchise companies do).

You can make it besides your actual job or you can make it as you new fulltime job it´s up to you. Just earn 5.000 Euro per closed deal.

Are you ready to make money, or are you still dreaming of it?

If you are interested, let me know.


P.S.: To clarify in advance, the 5.000 Euro commission is paid only for closed deals, not for the promise to close a deal.

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