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Where can I meet international students in Vienna?

HI! Basically I have a problem. I moved to Vienna from London to study at Vienna University. Been here for a year and a half and absolutely hating this town.
It must be rated the best for the quality of life and amazing if you are Protected content a family but i find its so depressing, tiny, provincial and dull comparing to London. With appalling nightlife.

Austria must be a completely wrong country for me as I don't get on with any of the Austrians nor I like their culture...They seem extremely reserved and private....Anyways ...Unfortunately i cant leave for the next 4 years at least.

Im wondering where can i meet any international students or just international young people in Vienna? There is almost no foreigners on my course and i would really love to meet some more non Austrian people to hang out with.

Once i came to the internations meeting but it seems like everyone there were professionals working in Vienna and at least over 30.

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