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Wine tasting at the Rathaus (through Saturday) (Vienna)

Hey! Check it out! If you like wine tasting, then the Rathaus
is the place to be from today through Saturday. Each day
from 5pm to midnight there is wine tasting in the courtyard
at the ground floor level. There should be a band and there
is also food to be had.

You pay 2 euros as a deposit for your wine glass (but some
of them have a City of Vienna emblem on them, so in that
case prehaps you've bought the glass as a memento), and
you get tickets at 1 euro per 1/8 liter of wine. And they even
have a (small) selection of high quality sweet wines, hurrah!
(the sweet wines are numbered in the 140s). The food is
4 euros and the portions are quite small. The loudspeaker
system is too loud for my tastes, especially when they are
making announcements. But the overall event is excellent,
and I highly recommend it.

If other people are going why not post here, perhaps we
can say a Szervusz or Prost or Cheers there. I'll probably
go after 6pm today. Friday will be late if I get back from
Klettersteiging in time. Saturday is open at this point.

Happy tasting,
Csaba Gabor

here's the link:
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