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Working with an international organization (Vienna)

Hi Everybody,

I would have a very practical question since I noticed we have some members here from international your insight would be appreciated.

How does one get actually an employment with an international organization? What are they key selection criteria? Do connections really count the most?

Well one of the reasons I moved to Vienna was to have better chances to get an employment with an international organization. So far my locality prooved to be irrelevant.
My academic background (Masters from Hungary and post-grad studies in Vienna) in diplomatic studies/economics should be relevant for such a field as well as my 5 years of working experience both in private and public spheres. However all these were still not enough to even get an entry level employment.

I would appreciate if you could share your experience in applying for positions at international organizations. If you are already working in of these organizations your tipps would be very valuable.
I understand this is a delicate topic, however any general comments are welcomed.


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