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almost new ultrabook samsung u530 - low price! (Vientiane)

ALmost brand new ultrabook (very thin - max 18mm) mac-air look-alike intel i3 dual core, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd+32gb ssd, and everything. Looks like new, except for two very tiny scratches that you will probably not notice.

I bought it 2 weeks ago for %850 and I am willing to let it go for less, cause I can't get used to using the touchpad (I love trackpoints) and am going to buy a Lenovo.

SO this is a bargain - new laptop that you can't buy here, for less than the shop price.

I'm in Vientiane, can meet you so you can look at it - you'll be impressed by it's thinness.

It's an excellent machine, can even run Diablo III, it's just that I'm so used to the trackpoint that I can't get over it:)

Price is negotiable - please text me at Protected content mobile number)

Or email me at Protected content

Pictures (samsung site) here: Protected content
Mine looks exactly the same, cause it's practically new. And I don't have a good enough camera to show you the mini-scratches (which says something about the scratches)

THe lid is actually a much darker color in reality - the photos tend to suggest it's silver, but it's closer to metallic brown, but it is very beautiful, I assure you:)

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