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2nd day of Christmas (Vilnius)

I’ll see you all 30 December but for now I’d like to ask you about 26 December

Celebrating Christmas here in Lithuania is a three day event

Christmas Eve is the time honored tradition of celebrating Kūčios. I always celebrate this with my relatives and it is a truly enjoyable evening.

However, Christmas day there really isn’t any kind of traditional celebration for this day. Yes I will go to Church but that ends at 11:00am and after that none of my relatives really do anything but sit around the house so it’s really kind of a quiet day – Which I guess is OK

Then on December 26 which is referred to here as the second day of Christmas AGAIN none of my relatives really do anything but sit around the house again for the second day in a row – This is when I’m now climbing the walls – It is impossible for me to sit around and do nothing for two consecutive days and keep my sanity!!!

So here is what I’m proposing
Saturday, 26 December let’s meet for an unofficial InterNations lunch somewhere in Old Town.
I can look into what restaurants will be open that day and if I know how many of us will be coming I can reserve tables for us.
If you would like to get together Saturday afternoon, 26 December please email me at
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so I will know how many people there will be.

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