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Bliu Bliu / improve your Lithuanian Language skill (Vilnius)

dear Internations Lovely Friends
how are you?
I am not sure if you are familiar with Bliu Bliu, I am quite sure you can find it very interesting especially if you are trying to learn lithuanian and you are struggling with it.

At Bliu Bliu we do something very simple.
We take the words you already know (you tell us what you know by clicking on words) and we find content on the Internet that you can already understand.

if you are into sports, we find news about sports you can already understand
You like politics? We find stuff you can already read and understand
You love music? we find songs you can already understand
you love sex? .... you got the idea

While you browse and enjoy the content, you will encounter new words that we think you can easily understand and little by little you will expand your vocabulary. Plus you will make really strong the knowledge you already have.

Bliu Bliu is free, you should definitely give it a try.
And it works for Protected content already

Protected content to try it
and of course you can write me a message if you need help or you would like to discuss about it


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