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Hair and Beauty Services Jobs - Vilnius

Hairdresser, Beautician, Nail artists and Branch manager are required for a new hair and beauty salon Medeinos G. 10, Pasilaiciai. Reasonable command of the English language will be useful to communicate with the management. Salon to offer hair styling, colouring, cutting, permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening, waxing, facial treatments, massage, nail treatments, eye treatments. Lot of training and development opportunities for right candidate. Although preferable but experience is not necessary as long as you have completed relevant training and education in the correct field you want to start working from available positions with us. Perfect opportunity for new graduates. UAB Mano Grozio Pagrindai is founded in Lithuania as a branch of successful business already providing these services in London. Visit Protected content for details on services being offered from London branch. We want our colleagues to earn lot of money as the location has a busy customer flow, get job satisfaction and benefit from any further training they wish to get in agreement with Management. Excellent pay rates and the percentage of the services and retail sales. Send your CV and a letter Protected content or contact us on Protected content .

UAB Mano Grozio Pagrindai is setup in order to provide hair and beauty related services to our clients in Vilnius. We are passionate about providing excellent customer service and thrive to establish business through established and repeat customer base.

We will invest in training and development in order for our colleagues to further develop in their career and achieve their professional and personal objectives. We choose our suppliers carefully and only stick to the quality and best in class products. For example in UK we are independent stockists of the Dermalogica products Protected content . They are best skin care brands in the world and will be opening their product offerings in Lithuania soon. We are already on their waiting list to introduce their products in Lithuania as soon as they have finalised the appointment of their distributors and trainers for Lithuania.

For Nail services we are already in discussions with CND distributors in Lithuania whereby once appointed we will get our colleagues to attend their seminars and get trained on their Shellac and Vilnux based products, manicures, pedicure etc. Protected content

For Hair services we work with brands like YUKO ( Protected content and Momoko ( Protected content ) to provide permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening services.

We continue to source new product and services and very much welcome innovative ideas from our colleagues to introduce new products and services.

We have 4 types of roles to be filled by Protected content . Branch manager, Nail Specialist, Beautician and Hair specialist.

Branch manager role will involve in management and motivating other staff members, day to day business administration, supplier and supplies management, involvement in advertising and marketing activities, involvement in work schedule management of staff, involvement in reporting back to management through emails. Management of the salon system software, appointment schedules management, involvement in social media and online portal updates. Provide services to customers related to individual's professional training and capabilities.

Beauticians and nail specialists will work closely with other team members and branch manager to develop and provide, skin care, nail care, cosmetology and massage related services.

Hair dressers/specialists will work closely with other team members and branch manager to develop and provide hair care related services including but not limited to hair cutting, styling, straightening, curling, colouring and highlighting services to clients.

All colleagues will be responsible for building good client relationships. Consider health and safety of the customer and their colleagues. Get involved in keeping the work environment and equipment clean and hygiene to highest standards.

Regarding salaries, please note that we will expect pay competitive salaries as per current market rates and competencies levels. All staff will receive a salary package and percentage of sales they contribute in the company.

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