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Human Trafficking (Vilnius)

Laba diena

I have been working with the “Children Deserve Better” program which is an initiative of the Dhanji Foundation.

Our Business is Saving Children’s Lives

While our work involves many areas that effect children worldwide and in Lithuania, I work helping to stop Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking.

Thursday 8 December at 19:00 we are hosting an event at the Grotthuss Hotel at Ligoninės g. 7 in Vilnius.

As a part of this event, I will be giving a presentation about “Human Trafficking in Lithuania”.
Human Trafficking is a very big problem in Lithuania. In fact Lithuania is ranked as the third highest country for Human Trafficking in the European Union. While this is a very serious problem the other problem is that the people of Lithuania do not know how big of a problem it really is.

Please do not think that Human Trafficking is just a Lithuanian problem. It is a very big problem and serious problem everywhere – Including the country you are from. This will be a very eye opening evening for you no matter where you are from.

My work will be to travel around Lithuania giving this presentation to our young people. Our hope is that if the young people are more aware of the problem and more aware of the how the Human Traffickers get their victims we can reduce the amount of victims from our country. The presentation you will hear will be the same presentation the young people of Lithuania will hear.

From the information you receive on this night you will be able to determine what you can do to help stop the children of Lithuania from becoming slaves in other countries. When we give the presentation to the young people of Lithuania, the presentation will be in Lithuanian. For this event, since we will have an international audience, the presentation will be in English.

In addition to the presentation, we will offer you some snacks and welcome drinks and we have some fun activities planned for you which includes a visit from Santa’s helpers.

If you plan on attending please RSVP me at
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and tell me how many people will be attending with you. The more people that can hear this presentation the more people there will be to help protect our children.

See you Thursday, 8 December – Vin Karnila

Vilnius Forum