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Dear ALL,
As a part of the project “International poetic alphabet” ( Protected content ) we are organizing an event: What Does A Country’s National Anthem Reveal About The Country? We think, that the best way to reach the members of foreign communities members - the help of associations, embassies and international institutions in Vilnius. So we kindly ask you to share this information and to ask people o f various countries, now living in Vilnius, to join this event and to have interesting experience together!
The aim of the event is to learn more about different countries (history, culture, life styles, values, languages and etc.) through National Anthems.
Flags furling and rows and rows of handsome uniformed soldiers marching to brass bands playing patriotic national anthems – this is probably the most common association a national anthem of any country has. Protected content
Does a country’s national anthem tell something about a country, bare the soul of the nation? Themes like freedom after bloody struggles, violent threats to outsiders are common as also a multi-racial, multi-lingual and even multi-religious world-view. Protected content
National anthems are usually very pompous and solemn affairs, which rouse emotions. With a booster dose of patriotism any national anthem appeals to the passions of the people of the land. But, if we study the words of the national anthems of different countries, some words stand out as keywords and symbols of that particular culture. Protected content
During activities representatives should make analysis of their National Anthem where they are kindly asked to describe some historical facts, culture features, values and etc. of their country. Guests and participants will be welcomed to discuss about differences and similarities of their countries National Anthems.
Beginning of the workshops: October Protected content will be organized each month until June Protected content
Workshop length: ~ 60 min. (for 2 presenting organizations)
Language: English\ Lithuanian
We would like to invite the member of…community to join this event and tell us about your country through National Anthem.
We hope that this activity will be beneficial for both sides. Knowledge and learning about different countries, cultures, and religions makes our society more tolerant and understanding.
If you have more question, please be free to contact me: Protected content or by phone: Protected content

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