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Moving to Vilnius


I am moving to Vilnius for a spell. I do not speak the language, but have some family here. I lived in Sweden and France back in the day. I am not sure what to expect in Vilnius. I have a healthy regard for the work ethic of the people, but I am afraid of racism (I am a brown American of Indian Ancestry) and excessive bureaucracy.

So I am looking for the following information:
1) Where can I get good deals on buying an air conditioner? And do you have a store like Home depot or Lowes in Vilnius?
2) Procedure to get a driver's license for a temp / perm resident.
3) Buy a car. Nothing fancy, just something to drive around in while I am here. Is it complicated?
4) Buy Indian spices.
5) Do you have cigars sold in bulk? Living in Southern US means we have access to good quality cigars from Honduras / Dominican republic / etc for reasonable prices. Like $20 for 25. So something priced similarly.
6) Any Expatriate bars / country clubs?
7) I wish to expand my Medical device company in Eastern EU. I believe there is opportunity here. However the economic environment is scary. How is the scene for investors / partners in hi-tech industries?
8) Any good gyms in the Protected content Zip code area? Are the gyms air conditioned? Price / month?
9) Do you have electric bicycles sold in Vilnius? In the US we are allowed to ride electric bicycles and mopeds without a driver's license or insurance. I am guessing it will be convenient to have those while waiting for the car / license and for short trips to the city, etc.
10) Whats the best cell phone carrier in Vilnius in terms of coverage? And also reasonably priced?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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