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North Korean Pansori Opera in LT (Vilnius)

The second round of this amazing intercultural project in Lithuania. Park In Hye, one of very few masters of the North Korean Pansori opera (which has been recognized by the UNESCO as the world's intangible heritage) will perform in Klaipeda, Siauliai, Kaunas and Vilnius on April Protected content . The very fact of having a chance to see this unique style here in Lithuania is already exciting. But what makes it amazing is that she is performing one of Lithuanian poems which has been called our national pride since it has been written by our poet Antanas Baranauskas. The poem is called "Anyksciu silelis" (The Anyksciai Grove). I saw this performance in Anyksciai itself on October Protected content I must admit that it was the most powerful interpretation of the poem I've ever heard and I could not hold my tears :) The impression grows as Zen Buddhism adept Kestutis Marciulynas intervenes with his pantomime which tells us a story of human life - birth, youth, adolescent and ...
I clicked the poster and uploaded in my Kaunas photoalbum.

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