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Plea for help for an Old lady (Vilnius)


We were on the bus # 21, when the bus stopped abruptly. An old lady, 79 years of age, named Nina, was jolted out of her seat, fell down and literally got dragged by the forces of inertia forward for around 20 feet, ending with a bad bump on her head.

I helped her to her feet, and to a seat and with the help of my friend asked how she was feeling. She complained of chest pains.

The driver was an imbecile, who was not even apologetic. He was trying to intimidate the woman, trying to convince her everything is fine, and that she should just forget about it and leave.

I called 112, asked for the police and an ambulance.

The woman spoke Russian, said she was scared, that she did not have anyone to take care of her, no family, no friends or relatives... "everyone is dead", she said.

She pretended she was fine in front of the bus driver, because she was scared. But when taken to the ambulance (away from the eyes of the driver), she cried and clutched her chest in pain!

We were shocked that it took Vilnius city 20 minutes to send EMS vehicles. And when they arrived, there was an old lady and a fat man in the ambulance. The old lady came to help the victim, and made her WALK to the ambulance!!! The fat man (who was the driver) did not move a muscle!

The police came, and were rather disinterested. I demanded that they check the bus driver for blood alcohol levels, etc, because he was acting aggressive and weird. But they said that was a task for experts.

I want the victim to receive help and legal advise. She is entitled to compensation and justice because of the mistake of the Bus Company.

I have taken down the old lady's phone number. This happened yesterday 9/14/ Protected content around 7:30pm.

If you can help, it would be great!

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