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The art of networking - Be a Best Performer (Vilnius)


Networking is one of the oldest activities of mankind; those who succeed at it are the leaders and best performers.

Dear all,

The trainer, Filipe Carrera, is an experienced networker in more than 50 countries, wrote the book Networking – Your Professional Survival Guide, available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Mongolian in more than 60 countries and will share how he manage to work in so many places. Funny thing, it all started in Lithuania!

Together with Filipe participants will go through the topics:

-Using Networking to have professional and personal success.
-How to transform a contact into a relationship.
-6 Degrees of separation
-Networking Web 2.0 tools.

We invite you to the special training (in English), what will be held in 7th of September, at 4 pm. in ISM University (Arklių str.18, VIlnius).

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