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Looking for Job in Viña/ Valpo Area (Viña del Mar)



My wife Shelly and I (Travis) recently moved to Viña del Mar and are beginning the job search. We are open to opportunities in a variety of fields. Here is a little bit of information about us.

I have a degree in finance and a master's degree in education leadership. I have worked for six years in a university in the United States helping to support students and have university teaching experience. I also have experience in construction and building. I am a professional skydiving instructor and enjoy working in the tourism industry. My first language is english and I have an intermediate level of spanish.

My wife Shelly has a psychology degree from the United States and has worked in university admissions for the last four years. She recruited students around the U.S. for the university and oversaw all aspects of families and prospective students who visited the university. She speaks english and has extensive travel experience. She is also interested in working in tourism.

We are both open to many options. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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