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Vina del Mar/Valparaiso, job search? (Viña del Mar)

Hellooo, I'm Vanessa. I've visited Chile quite often in my life - enough to now have a Chilean boyfriend! haha.

I graduate in May (MS Cartography/Geography) (and in undergrad one of my majors was Spanish Linguistics), and was wondering if anyone knows of any job opportunities in the Vina del Mar/Valparaiso (<- these preferred) or Santiago region that relate to those - or even, any jobs at all, they don't have to be Geography related, I'm very open! :D

I just really want to finally be able to move down and be in the same country as my boyfriend for once (6.5 years!) :)haha

Me graduo en Mayo y quiero mudarme a Chile a trabajar, si es que hay posibilidad de encontrar algo!

(expertise: Cartographer (both design and spatial data analyst), Geographer, Graphic Designer, or web designer, Spanish Linguistics)

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