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Any Poles living in Kenya or East Africa? (Warsaw)

Good day all,

My name is acronymed JP and a very new member to this site so trying to get my way around to connect with Poles living in Kenya or East Africa. I hope I am in the right page.

I am a male of Polish nationality and currently residing and working in Lodz Lodzkie, Poland as a tutor in a learning institution.

I am looking into relocating to Nairobi - Kenya and would be very much interested in connecting with Poles in Kenya so as to get first hand information about their experience.

It is important to mention and seek guidance on the following;

1. I have two Protected content going children aged 6 and 12 years whom upon my relocation may either come live with me or remain with their mother. How are the schools in Kenya? Any recommendations?

2. I am educated upto Masters level and was wondering how to connect with professional companies, learning institutions, humanitarian organizations such as Polish Aid or even diplomatic missions like ours that would be interested in a Pole like me. Anyone here on expat terms? Please connect with me.

3. If I marry in Kenya eventually, will I be entitled to invest locally?

Your honest answers and guidance will be truly appreciated.

Thankyou for taking time to read.

Kind regards,


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