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Artistic Muffin Festival - a very sweet party (Warsaw)

Surely the name is wholly different, but I wanted to draw some attention with a catchy headline :D Forgive me.

On 26th there will be a muffin party in "The Eve" (dunno where's that, but checked already - it's Plac Pilsudskiego, so should be around the place where we had the InterNations meetup last time).
The organisers are club The Eve and "So-Sweet Project", couple of very talented self taught cooks based in Warsaw. The two girls caught on the idea of making beautiful muffins (a.k.a "cupcakes") and what started as a hobby became a quite profitable business for them - if You wanna place an order, do so with at least 2weeks advance. All muffins are handmade and look absolutely gorgeous.
Facebook page also mentions dancers "danced as in Katie Perry's videos", this might interest men mostly haha ;) Seems there will be a party.

The event is free entry by invitation, and you can easily get one by simply printing it out from facebook's event page ^^v Awesome innit.

And now linkage:
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^ So Sweet Project's Website, check muffin's pictures, here. It also serves for placing orders.
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^So Sweet Project on facebook = more pictures and bigger, info about events and promotions
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^ So Sweet Project at The Eve = event page

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