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Coaching (Warsaw)


People sometimes get stuck in their life with questions. These may be such like "what do I really want to do in life?", "Is what I am doing now giving me energy or costing me energy?", "what would really make me happy?" And you may think of similar type questions that from time to time pop up in our life. Important questions and not always easy to honestly answer towards ourselves. The answers found in yourself may not feel as that easy to achieve. Maybe because of the steps you foresee, required to achieve your goal, or for other reasons. And because of such feelings you may be driven away from your dream.
At such moments it may be of help to have someone who is able to support you in your process, who can be of assistance, helping and guiding you through it.
This is the essence of coaching, assisting someone achieving their goals. Furthermore besides supporting someone in finding their answers a coach also helps determining the possibilities to achieve these goals. For instance by jointly making a realistic action plan. Also where needed attention is being paid to possible blockers and what needs to be done to overcome them.

In case you feel you would like to get such support or are simply interested what coaching can do for you please feel free to contact me.

About me:

Since a few years I live in Warsaw where I, in Protected content my 37 year career in Shell. Here I worked in many different (project) management roles linked to either procurement for oil and gas installations or later in global procurement process and system implementation projects. In Protected content decided to start a coaching training program at the Adventure for Thought school in Wroclaw. This training I completed in Protected content .
What very much attracts me in coaching is the possibility to assist someone in finding their inner answers and possibilities of which sometimes a person is not even conscious.
What is very important to me is that a coach is not giving directions but helps by posing questions and use intuition and good listening skills as key instruments in this process.


Wally Bode
E-mail address: Protected content
Mobile: Protected content
Skype: wally.bode1

We can meet in a convenient place for you to discuss what coaching is, what it can do for you. Of course also via phone, mail or Skype is possible although I personally prefer a face to face meeting so can get a feeling of the person you may possibly want to work with.
Based on that information you can then feel and decide if this is a route that is attracting you to achieve your goals.
Also in case you are interested in becoming a coach and want to know about the training program I followed please feel free to contact me.

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