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Gdansk Group (Warsaw)

I was very frustrated with this site for a while, because I didn't understand it. I wanted to see events in the tri-city area, not Warsaw. I tried to set up a group in Gdansk, but the groups all have to have the name Warsaw in them. Well there is a group now - its called Warsaw (sic) Northern Exposure/ Gdansk Group. Our first activity is a bit odd, a flash mob is taking place at the Galeria Bałtycka in Gdansk.

Well your asking why should I attend. If you want a Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot group with activities relavant to the Tri-City, then we have to get Protected content in our group, and Internations will allow us to set up a seperate community.

Thats not as easy as it sounds, thats Protected content signed up to a group, Protected content members. So I am inviting anybody who speaks English to attend the shopping centre on the 5th December, and you have a chance to give me some ideas, as I will be there with my family watching the children I teach perform a really funny flash mob. It is in the events, I will photograph and post the images here, there will be loads of parents who also speak English, and with so many cafe's and food shops, it will be a good place to pop in and say hello.

I am a teacher from an international school here in the tri-city, and I am looking for other individuals to take on parts of this new group. As a family man, I am not going to be the best organiser of evening events, but I will post 1 family event per month minimal - what do you want to see happing in your internations?

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