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Hipp hipp hurraaaaaa for 17. mai!! (Warsaw)

Today, 17 May, is the National Day of Norway as we celebrate that our constitution was adopted by our first parliament Protected content ago. In other words there will be a big party in Norway next year...

Meanwhile we attend our traditional activities today; parades of flag-waving children, marching bands playing the national anthem and other 19th century national-romantic music, and lots of proud parents wearing folk costumes from the part of the country their ancestors came from, or the region where they currently live (e.g. if they prefer that style, or if they are first or second generation Norwegians).

I can go on about how the weather is always nicer on 17 May even when it rains, eating hot dogs, ice cream, afternoon barbeque parties and evening visits to fun fairs, not to mention smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and aquavit for the adults, but I'd rather encourage everybody who is interested to visit Norway next year, or any other year on 17 May, to experience this for yourself.

Have a lovely 17 May, everybody!

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