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Job Interviews strike fear into most of us. Having to do one in a language other than your mother tongue significantly adds to this stress. You have the added work of ensuring you do not get mixed up with words and phrases. This can be hard under the pressure of an interview, even if your English is great.

afmts-BUSINESS ENGLISH TRAINING provide a unique service to get you prepared for the interview.
The purpose of this is to help you feel confident and comfortable in speaking English under the pressure of an interview.

This process takes 90 minutes and includes:

- Practice 'real life' interview Protected content approx. - Interview is videoed
- We then review the interview identifying strengths and areas where extra preparation should be done
- Suggested ways of answering questions.
- Review of other possible questions e.g. competency based questions and
how best to deal with them.
- Client gets copy of interview to review at a later time

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Located in the centre of Warsaw.
afmts-Business English Training english with business people....

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