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Living in Wilanów (Warsaw)

Hey there,

I was wondering, if there are people living in Wilanów (or close-by) who want to join me and my girlfriend:
- to go out for a drink around here (maybe to the beach installed currently?),
- to do sports together (like go inline-skating, volleyball playing at the beach, jogging),
- watch a movie,
- play board games,
- simply do a language tandem or
- maybe you've got other ideas as well?

We've got our flat in Wilanów and we're living there since February now. As I'm writing on my master thesis, there is no time to look for alternatives (flat-wise), but I need some variety / contact to people without going half an hour each time to the city center... It's quite annoying and our other friends are mostly living in other parts of Warsaw.

I simply dislike driving such a long distance each time and I'd be grateful to have some activities close-by.


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