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Looking for work / business opportunity (Warsaw)

I am a danish citizen, been living in Sweden for the last 20 years and recently I moved to Poland.

I am currently living in Poznan with my polish fiancee, aiming to find something to do. In Sweden I am cofounder of two current ongoing businesses that are very local and specific for the swedish market, so not applicable here. My businesspartner will run the daily operations so I dont need to be involved.

Started an earlystage business in online video marketing, reached a few good clients, but due to my plans to move to Poland I didnt take on new assignments and ended the last one just before moving. Making lowbudget video ads (basic shooting and editing), distribute (youtube/vimeo etc) and market (vSEO), would that be a business for Poznan/Poland? Did weekly shootings for a local newspaper, ads for local businesses, videojobinterviews, videodocumented events and presentations. Sketched on online education also, but didnt get that far.

I´ve worked my way up in several companies and would be willing to do so again.

Danish - read Protected content %, write 75 %, speak 75 % (danish citizen thou)
Swedish - read Protected content %, write Protected content %, speak Protected content % (native)
English - read 95 %, write 75 %, speak 85 %
German - read 75 %, write 40 %, speak 50 %
Polish - read, write, speak - almost 1 %

On a sidenote I would appreciate some hints to where I could learn polish, preferably eveningcourses. I tried to learn it on my own, but I think I need the schoolsurrounding for my motivation.

I have an up to date CV and can PM/email it to anyone interested.

Thank you all for reading and hope to hear from you.

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