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New Cultural Community Database: Warsaw

From experience I know that Warsaw is not a friendly city to the English speaking community in the sense that it is difficult to find out what cultural events are going on. Therefore, I want to make a English language Cultural Community database online with information about exhibitions, festivals, films, interesting projects and so on. As a visual artist I will focus on art and everything related. I understand the art scene as a wide spectrum of events along some some being underground, but not to be afraid - it offers a lot of impressions just as a night out at the movies does.
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I moved to Warsaw from Chicago 7 years ago and I remember how difficult it was for me to find out what's happening in the city, this is the reason behind my initiative. I got my Masters in Fine Arts 2 years ago and now I'm a working artist and teacher with the need to initialize a social cultural site with information for the international community.

I also offer fun and dynamic drawing and painting classes and workshops for all ages and all levels, but this is not the subject of my post.

In order to make the best cultural database I am asking all that read this post to reply with input about:

-what sources of information about cultural events in Warsaw do you have?
-what information do you feel is missing from these sources?
-what events would you like to know about (ex. theater, cuisine, artistic dancing, underground exhibitions, art workshops, photography workshops, concerts, guided tours)
-would you prefer facebook or a blog as the form of the internet cultural database?
-what forms of activities would you like to participate in?
-do you feel that Warsaw is entertaining?
-if you were to participate in a workshop would it be alone or with your family/partner?
-what kind of workshop interests you the most?
-does Warsaw offer interesting tours (in English) of the cities historic sites?
-would a tour of communist and modernist architecture in Warsaw be of interest to you?
-does the communist history of Poland interest you and do you feel that there is a way for international community to experience this period in history (such as the educating trip to the World War 2 Museum)?

I would be very grateful for any information and input that you have about these topics. Let me know about your feelings and experiences as an expat in Warsaw. Please speak openly about what you think is missing in the cultural sector of Warsaw, this way me and my team will try to make this city more interactive for all abroad.

Thank you,

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