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Offering Help in Learning Polish (Warsaw)

I offer my help in case you're struggling with Polish language.

If you’re feeling tired and need help with all the (che, shie, rzie, etc.) in Polish language, then I’m the perfect person to help you out!

My name is Michael and I have spent my whole life living in the UK and Poland for very long periods of time. With that said, I currently moved back from England to Poland in order to study at International School of Business in Warsaw.

I am aware that there are many British citizens living and working in Warsaw, and the fact that many of them struggle with the difficultness of the Polish language, I heartily offer my services in “Polishing” your Polish in speaking, writing, and accent.

I speak (with accent) and write fluently in both languages. I also possess British and Polish passports, hence why I know that you will feel more confident and comfortable when we learn together. In addition, I am a very patient and humorous person that will surely adapt to each individual’s needs.

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