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Polish owner lied very much in our rental contract (Warsaw)

Polish owner lied in our rental contract.

The total area of the flat I rented is actually 62 m2 and not 90 m2 as written by him in the contract. I obviously didn't measure the flat
when I took it.

He also lied about the bills. In the contract he wrote I must pay the bills for gas, water and light.

But now he wants me to pay also "future repairments", "administration" bills and others. I know many of my friends have all the bills and utilities included in the rent, and they pay nothing extra.

What can I do about him, he is clearly dishonest on several levels.

Thank you all

P.S. I looked at similar apartments in the same area, they're about 40% cheaper per month,so definitely I must change the apartment, considering how dishonest the owner is. The only question is how to get back the 5,000 zl deposit that the owner took from me at the signing.
Thank you all

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