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Quick Online Anonymous Study-US Expats in POLAND (Warsaw)

Subject: Quick Online Anonymous Study - US Expats in Poland

Dear U.S. Expats in Poland,

My name is Dr. Jeff Zimmerman and I am a researcher at the University of Cincinnati (USA) who is doing a study on the experience of US expatriates living in Poland.

I wanted to know if you would like to do a short, 20 minute online survey for a project I am doing? I realize this is odd because we have never met; however, I hope you will agree to share your experiences with us (Dr. Anna Zajenkowska and Dr. Jeff Zimmerman).

*I am attaching the link here (US Version: Protected content .

It might seem like there are a lot of questions, but they are short and go quickly (please just give your first thought). Every completed survey helps.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions (or problems with the website).

Best wishes,

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman
Email: Protected content
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology (Center for Organizational Leadership)
University of Cincinnati
Edwards 1, Protected content floor), Room Protected content
Cincinnati, Ohio Protected content
Work: 513.556.5580

Dr. Anna Zajenkowska (Wasiela)
Email: Protected content
University of Warsaw (Poland)
Intercultural Trainer and Psychologist

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