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Site manger construction field, Warsaw

For an Itaian company, we are looking for:


is obtained by law in Poland, is called “ kierownik budowy”.

He is usually a structural engineer with professional licence for execution works called “ Uprawnienia budowlane do kierowania robotami bez ograniczen” and should be registred in polish Engineers Chamber called “ Okregowa Izba Inzynierow Budownictwa”. Both things above should be certified with proper documents .
Under Polish Building Law, the scope of a site manager’s duties includes:

a) taking over the construction site from the employer (documented in the form of an appropriate written takeover report),
b) securing the construction site together with any building structures, technical equipment and permanent markers of geodetic mainline and protected elements of natural and cultural environment existing on the construction site,
c) keeping the documentation of construction process (in particular construction log),
d) ensuring the geodetic demarcation of the structure,
e) organizing and managing the construction of the structure in accordance with the design, the building permit, applicable provisions (including technical construction provisions, and provisions on the occupational safety and health),
f) coordinating the performance of tasks preventing the risks to safety and health protection:
i. preparing technical or organizational foundations for the planned construction works or their particular stages that are to be performed at the same time or successively,
ii. when planning the timeframe required to complete the construction works or their particular stages,
g) coordinating actions aimed at ensuring that the principles of safety and health protection (as set out in the relevant provisions and in the safety and health protection plan) are duly complied with during the construction works,
h) introducing necessary amendments to the safety and health protection documents and regulations in effect on the construction site, as results from the progress of construction works,
i) taking required measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the construction site,
j) suspending the construction works in case of any danger arising and immediately reporting such danger to the competent authority,
k) notifying the employer on any entries made in the construction log with regard to the construction works being suspended due to their non-compliance with the design,
l) implementing the recommendations entered in the construction log,
m) reporting to the employer (for its inspection) on completion of works which are due to become covered or to disappear,
n) ensuring that installations, technical equipment and chimney ducts are tested and examined as required by the provisions of law or an agreement prior to the structure being reported as ready for commissioning,
o) drawing up as-built documentation of the built structure,
p) reporting on the structure being ready for commissioning, through an appropriate entry in the construction log,
q) participating in the commissioning procedures,
r) ensuring that any defects disclosed during the commissioning procedures are remedied,
s) issuing a statement to the employer to the effect that:
i. the structure complies with the construction design and the terms of the building permit and regulations, and
ii. that the construction site and – if applicable – roads, streets, neighboring real properties, buildings and premises are in a proper condition and order.

The site manager specifically is authorized to apply to the employer for introduction of any alternative design solutions if they are justified by the need to increase the safety of the construction works development or the improvement of the construction process and to make comments in the construction log on any recommendations included therein.

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