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Would you like to take part in a survey? (Warsaw)

To Expatriates,

I am a researcher at the University in Warsaw and together with my colleague from the Cincinnati University we are conducting a study on the experience of American expatriates living in Poland and Polish expatriates living in US.

The online survey is straightforward and consists of general questions that seek to determine what behaviors and traits the expatriates utilize when faced with similar complex cross-cultural situations. The survey should take no more than 20 minutes.

Please find below a link to an online survey:

English Version: Protected content

Polish Version: Protected content

In order to protect the integrity of the research and the identity of the expatriates working abroad, all names, titles, positions, job descriptions, rank, company names, etc. will remain anonymous throughout the research and in the written report. No one (except for the researchers – Dr. Anna Zajenkowska and Dr. Jeff Zimmerman) will have access to the data and individual survey responses).

We would also highly appreciate if you could send it to your friends, who also are expatriates.

We very much thank you for your participation.

Kind regards,

Dr. Anna Zajenkowska (Wasiela)

Email: Protected content

Dr. JeffZimmerman

Email: Protected content

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