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Ceilidh (Washington, D.C.)

Hello! My name is Henry Sanders and I invite you to learn about a very Scottish way of having fun at the Guards Bar on M Street from 7:00 onwards on Thursday the 22nd of February. As an expat living and working in DC, I thought that it would be fun to connect with some fun people who are interested in something entertaining.

Scottish dancing in a ceilidh is a kaleidoscopic form of dance that involves people getting dizzy - it's like a safe and friendly roller coaster, but with people you fancy! There's no money involved and this is just for kicks, but you will have to buy your own drinks from a special bar that will be kept open for us. I will be teaching each dance and will be disappointed if you are highly proficient, but if you are, so much the better. Just come downstairs and join in the fun!

I will be easy to find because I will be in a kilt.

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