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Hobby Lobby - Actors, Performers, Theater......... (Washington, D.C.)


Hey Folks,

Are there any other people who have an hobby of acting or making videos and doing Theater...Would love to see all of us get together at this place and share thoughts and also video links with each other...

So if u are an actor or a performer or have an hobby of acting and performing
do share your videos and links over here.... And also your comments....

Here is the collection of the videos i have made..have not received any training in acting..Its my hobby and passion..I work in a good company and do all this on Sundays!!

My Performance on Stage at KALA GHODA ARTS FESTIVAL Protected content . I play the role of a Suicidal Legless Amputee who wants to commit Suicide if his Artificial Leg does not work.....Intense Piece...
Protected content

The Devil's Advocate Scene..Sorry had just came from gym and it was too made this quick video before going to shower....
Protected content

Merchant of Venice - Shylock Monologue
Protected content

Heath Ledger Hospital Scene - The Joker - The Dark Knight
Protected content

A Few Good Men Court Room Scene
Protected content

Free Hugs
Protected content

Video I made to Save Tigers
Protected content

Emotional Scene of a Son coming to His mother who deserted him asking for answers
Protected content

My Acting on Indian Television Serial - Khottey Sikkay on Sony TV and Yashraj productions..I play a goon who kidnaps children and makes them beg on streets
Protected content

Still More to Come...If u guys like my videos feel free to comment and share your thoughts...Am welcome to Compliments as well as Criticism....
If u like feel free to subscribe those videos on Youtube....
Also share your links here if u have any!!

Other actor Hobbyists please post your video links after this post..would love to see your links too....!


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