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Housing and Insurance questions from new comer to the D.C (Washington, D.C.)

Hey all, I am Narae :) I am moving to the D.C in January to work for a year.
I already looked around some housing sites but couldn't find the one that I like.
I prefer appartment and security comes first for me. Because my new job is at New York Avenue, I want to live nearby or near to subway station.. Any of you, by any chance, want to sublet or knows anyone who want to sublet or any realtor?
SECOND, I heard about this insurance company Kaiser and just put in my information in their homepage to get some recommendation. And why is it so complicated?T..T I just need simple insurance plan.. you know, just to cover my visit to doctor (at least some part) and prescribed medicine... can you recommend anything? I am thinking of 150USD per month for maximum cost...
Sorry for many questions :) (I am a bit nervous of living in a big city after two years of Switzerland, though I am from Seoul )
have a nice weekkkkeeend!!!!


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