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Moving to D.C - NOMA? (Washington, D.C.)

Hi all,

My husband and I will be moving to D.C in February.

We've already been out there a couple of times checking some areas that we think we would like to be at.

The apartment that we liked the most is located in NOMA. I know this is still an "up and coming" neighborhood & I have read a lot of (bad) things on the internet about it. However, we all know how all those google horror stories go and I figured maybe some of you could share your thoughts about this (and other neighborhoods) with me.

Do you know anyone living in NOMA? What's been their experience so far?

We are also considering Capitol Hill & Shaw.

P.S: Safety is our main concern & walkability is a huge plus. (hint: we want to live in the city)

Thank you !!!

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