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Research on intercultural couples in the USA (Washington, D.C.)

Hey, wondering if anyone is interested to support me with my Master's thesis on Highly Skilled Migrants living in mixed unions. I am looking to interview intercultural couples who are currently living in the USA. See below outline on my research question, the candidates needed, the interview process , my linkenIn and how to reach me if interested. Thanks would appreciate volunteers for this important research!
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The project is part of my Master's thesis in Cultural Diversity Management. I am currently doing this program at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. My specialization is on Highly Skilled Migrants (HSMs) and more specifically for this project, I am interested in HSMs living in mixed unions (intercultural couples) in the USA. The research question I am after is:

How do HSMs living in mixed unions manage cultural differences and how it influences their subjective well-being?

I am studying this group of people because there is very little research on them, while statistics across the world and especially in the USA indicate that the numbers are consistently increasing since the late Protected content . However, very little is known about how such couples (especially among same-sex partnerships) manage cultural diversity in their relationship and how it affects their well-being. With my study, I am looking to add new insight in the field of diversity management that builds on a cosmopolitan theory rather than on traditional theories based on the static understanding of culture. Thus, I hope to unravel something new that can help managers, policymakers and scholars in future research and strategies on diversity management.

I myself make up such a mixed union with my partner. So I have also a very personal curiosity driving me to learn more about such unions. I am currently back in DC starting my interview process. Here a bit more about the candidates I am looking for:
- The research participants I am after are Highly Skilled Migrants ( so people with at least undergraduate degree) who are living in the USA.
- They have to be at least two years in a relationship. ( the don't need to be married)
- They also should come from two different national backgrounds. If they are American citizens that is fine as long as they grew up outside the USA for the first 18 years of their life.

The interviews are semi-structured and will not take more than an hour with one participant. Each couple will be interviewed separately and it can be done on two different days. I am flexible about time and dates. The only consideration is that I have to finish with all my interviews by end of August Protected content .

All interviews are confidential and names will be changed in the thesis document. The interviews can be conducted over the phone, Skype, or face to face depending on where participants are based.

For more information about me please share my linkedin:

I would very much appreciate you circulating my request and if you could link me with colleagues, friends and network members that may consider participating. You can reach me either on this email or via my personal email address: Protected content

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