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Search for opportunity of work experience in DC (Washington, D.C.)

My name is Bastiaan Fehrman.

I am a graduating student of Commercial Economics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. My specialization is marketingcommunication. The fact that I turned 20 last October makes me one of the youngest students in my graduating class.

By the coming July, I will complete the graduating process and receive my Bachelor of Business Administration. My study abroad in Spain, made me realize that the world is really accessible, and that now is the time to get most out of it. I am ready to make the next step, really eager to learn and I plan on doing a Master study.
By gaining a year of work experience, I want to find out what kind of Master I want to do.

As a 20 years old, eager recent business graduate and a future professional I would be a valuable addition to any organization, fulfilling any number of positions that might be required.

I am searching for a suitable job (or paid internship place) in a company in Washington D.C.
The reason that I want to go to DC is because DC is the capital of the United States and it has always been the most interesting city of America in my opinion.
Also, I have an American girlfriend who lives relatively close to DC which gives me an extra reason to live and work as close as possible to her.

I hope that via this forum, I could get some valuable connections to make these plans reality.

Thanks in advance.


Bastiaan Fehrman

Washington, D.C. Forum