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Jobs, living, and entertainment (Wellington)

My husband and I have recently been trying to find a place to live. He is currently in the military as an Aviation Electrician and he does security as well from two to three times a month. Is there any good jobs for him as an AE or security?
I am currently getting my AA degree in business and would love to get my BA degree in Accounting. I can't decide if I should do that now, especially if we decide to move to new zealand. what are the jobs like for accountants?
My husband should be getting out Protected content to them downsizing the American military. That is another thing I'm am kind of unsure about. Will they let military live in New Zealand? We have two daughters and I see a lot of all girls schools. Are they any good, and how is the education?
What is there to do around Wellington for families. We are all outdoors kind of family and love to walk, except my youngest.
How is the crime rate in Wellington? I was reading up on some of that and some people use bats to mug you? Is that accurate? Bats here in America are vaguely used unless playing baseball. I feel like New Zealand is a whole lot safer to live and better education for us all. We all adapt well to new environments. My husband is from Texas, and I'm from California. We toke a big move to Philadelphia, pa and back to California again. We move a lot due to military. We are all so used to it. We plan on making a visit to New Zealand in August. Is there any places we should scope out? I really want to make this a wonderful trip for my husband and I. We never had a honeymoon so I'm hoping I can make it more of an awesome trip for him. Thank you all for the help.

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